Head Graphene XT Extreme Pro Tennis Racquet

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Made for players who prefer the modern, aggressive way of playing, this racquet offers a lot of power combined with some extra touch. Recommended by Richard Gasquet, it features the improved Graphene technology, which optimizes the racquet’s weight distribution while still providing extreme spin.

All GRAPHENE XT Extreme racquets are compatible to the Smart Tennis Sensor

Your game is aggressive, spin is your go-to stroke and power your middle name. Well, then the EXTREME PRO is your racquet. It is the heaviest and stiffest of the EXTREME racquets, which gives you a lot more power, touch and spin so that you can go all in all the time. The Graphene XT Technology shifts the weight to where you need it for a faster game while the racquet’s rounder shape gives you the spin you need to put your opponent in his place. Add a flashy yellow design story and the only question left is whether you are ready for this one.