Wilson Burn 100ULS

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The Burn 100ULS is a spin monster that offers a very light and speedy feel. With its open 18x16 string pattern, this ultra \'whippy\' 9.9 ounce racquet will give rising juniors, strong beginners and developing intermediates near effortless access spin and depth. Wilson adds its X2 Shaft to this model which features a longer handle for increased leverage on two-handed strokes. This technology also deploys a rounded and narrower shaft for quick grip changes. Taken together these features give the Burn 100ULS an explosive quality from the baseline, allowing the player to switch seamlessly from defense to offense. On groundstrokes the Burn 100ULS accelerates with remarkable ease, giving burgeoning topspin players the ability to take bigger cuts at the ball (think heavy spin). Our playtesters were impressed by the power and accuracy of this racquet on full swings. At net the maneuverability shines, especially on fast exchanges and put-aways. All in all the Burn 100ULS is a tough option to beat for any player who could benefit from an ultra light spin machine with a nice combo of pop and precision.